Elizabeth Emery’s ‘Sugar Rush’ graduate collection

Having returned to college in her 30s, Limerick designer Elizabeth Emery from Lord Edward Street last month exhibited as part of the Limerick School of Art & Design Graduate Fashion Show.

Last year she interned with label Vivalelisa in Berlin with the college’s renowned internship programme as part of the fashion degree’s third year. Elizabeth, now ready for the next chapter in her fashion journey, told me about her graduate collection…

Elizabeth Emery graduate fashion collection

“The ‘Sugar Rush’ collection I created for my graduate fashion show, was inspired using confectionery as a metaphor for individuality and equality, challenging the unspoken constraints within society to be a certain way. My designs reflect allowing oneself to shine bright, bringing feelings of fun, light-heartedness and euphoria, by focusing in on colour, line and flow throughout the collection. This was achieved by investigating innovative cut in both men and womens wear, while integrating a playful mix of colour and materials.

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“Through my life I have believed that anything is possible. This belief has added to my ability to design and problem solve through my pattern drafting skills and this can be seen through each individual look in my collection.
“I am a maker and I have always loved making stuff. I started from a young age and this I have carried with me throughout my life.
“I have a background in working with people by helping them to be the best they possibly can be, through psychotherapy and ABA (Applied Behavior Analyst) therapy. This has helped me to become stronger, and with these experiences I would like to continue to use fashion as a platform to shine light on issues within our society, as I see fashion as much more than just fabric.”


By Olivia O’Sullivan


This article appeared in the Limerick Post 9th July 2016