About Me

12821410_10207847361334060_4040260597579669476_n Hello there and welcome, I’m Olivia, a self-employed juggler mother of two.

My ‘day job’ as Olivia O’Sullivan Communications is working with organisations/festivals/events, in communications and marketing in a contractor or consultant role. I write, plan, advise, strategise, book and liaise on behalf of clients.

Sometimes I design too. A graduate of the Limerick School of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Arts in Design (Visual Communications), I’m very passionate about visual communication and while flexing my design muscles every so often, I also love to work with great designers, developers, photographers, videographers etc. in a collaborative and commissioning role.

I’m founder of ‘Eat in Limerick‘ a promotional guide to Limerick’s food scene and co-founder of the Limerick Food Group who run events such as Urban Food Fest Limerick and the Pigtown Culture & Food Series.

Always writing for as long as I can remember, I have been a contributing columnist to the Limerick Post Newspaper since 2006 with a weekly ‘Limerick Lifestyle’ fashion column (some of my posts on here have also featured there). It’s such a part of my week at this stage I can’t remember not having a weekly newspaper deadline!

‘Life is a journey, not a race’ – never has a truer word been spoken. A lust for life and seeing wonder in the everyday is the most fulfilling thing.

You can contact me by emailing: info(at)oliviaosullivan.ie

{thanks to Cormac Byrne Photography for this photo which he took for The Charity Cookbook}